I've been on following meds for 8-10+ years, with only small weight gain (~10 lbs); all of a sudden, I've gained another 25 lbs in 6 mos! (Trileptal-600mgs, Seroquel-100mgs, Synthroid-112.5mgs, Cytomel-5mcgs, Aciphex-20mgs, Benecar-5mgs, Subox @ 4, now 3mgs/day, Dextroampht-20 to 30mgs/day (ADHD); The following, PRN for chronic anxiety & headaches = Valium, Fioricet (new) or Midrin. I'm pretty evenly proportioned, so can hide some lbs. Doesn't look HORRIBLE, but FEEL awful being like this--have to hold my breath, bend over, tie my shoes! Really causing sadness, depression, low self-esteem. Don't know how to get started on ANYTHING. Keep thinking; get up early, hop out of bed, start walking & eating better, but just can't seem to do it, even when I'm awake early! End up getting to work at 10,11, 12, working late, missing my meetings, don't want to socialize, too much TV, downward spiral.
Have digestive problems; tough to eat well when raw veggies, salads give me stomachaches. Literally hate most food, butter, mayo, bread, etc., hate to eat, which causes me to eat later when hungry, munching peanut butter pretzels in bed! Then, I get backed up (take 12 Cytotec/day). How do I gag down breakfast or lunch when I get grossed out in kitchen by food? Only changes in last year are: my adored father died, moved in with mom to caretake, moved the office, fighting awful lawsuit that takes hours/day & ties up whatever assets left. Might lose everything. Haven't even dated in 12 yrs!
Could the stress be adding weight or just getting to 58 yrs? I really don't know how to turn anything around; food, exercise, self-discipline & its carrying over into all aspects of life; lack of discipline, sloth, procrastination, etc. Sorry to go on, as I know others have worse problems, but it will send me deep into depression if I don't turn it around soon (from ~145 to ~175lbs?) :( Thanks, friends. Any suggestions appreciated! God Bless! J.