ok so I have been on Simcor for almost a month now and have not moved up to the next dose yet. I have had 2 episodes of what they call flushing and to tell you the truth. I thought I was being burned to death, or having my skin peeled off layer by layer and I got very itchy and dizzy and my mouth was itchy and tingly... ok so what do you do to help the side effects once you get them... I ended up taking 3 benedryl and childrens liquid zyrtec to cope with the intense pain I was having. I really thought that I was having an anaphalactic reaction. My throat felt tight and I was scared.. When I was informed about this medication I was told that I might experiance hot flash type sensation but HOLY MOLY this was nothing like a hot flash.. More like a inferno. so how should I combat the pain to stay on this medication? Concerned Brandi