I do not get paid untill Tuesday or Wednesday depending on when my check arrives in the mail. I have 11 norcos left which I feel I can make last till I get paid. Here's my question, how many xanax do you think I will need? I have found a source from a family member for xanax and sleeping pills. I told them my situation and they are willing to help me as much as they can. I was told that I could only get a small number of xanax but a pretty good amount of the sleeping pills. Should I take them both or just one of them? I also have been taking melatonin which I think works pretty well but only sometimes. Should I use this with the thomas recipe? Also can someone please tell me the other ingredients ill need and directions on what to do because I have no idea and I just want someone to tell me. Thank yo so much in advance. Your doing me a huge favor.