implanted in my back. I have a seriously bad lower back from about T11 down. I was talking to a specialist (RN) in this area who helps doctors place the implants in, and asked her all sorts of questions. The idea of at least lowering my pain meds, if not getting off of them is extremely enticing, not to say that maybe I can do more things in my life?? Has anyone here had an implant in their backs?? How does it help? Does it give you your life back? BTW, one important note... I have fibro really bad too, so I really don't want to go through MORE surgery if the other parts of my body hurt really bad. Before my back got really bad, I was living with chronic migraines that NEVER quit. Am I looking back to a life of chronic migraines, or is this a great idea, and I will be able to exercise more and do more social functions with my family. I would appreciate hearing from people who have the stimulators and what they think of them. Thanks for your time.