approximately 2 mgs per day of the strip. However, I have been using about 9-10 7.5 mgs hydrocodone prescribed by a doc for my neck pain to help me through suboxone withdrawl. Is this merely prolonging the suboxone withdrawl symptoms? I am out of the hydrocodone, but I'm hoping and praying I am past the worst withdrawl symptoms. The problem I have with suboxone is that it makes me so sleepy and even sick feeling sometimes. I'm ready to be done with everything. I did not really get much of a "high" from the hydrocodone due to the sub blocking it, but it did help somewhat. I would appreciate any advice. I'm tempted to take a .5 mg sliver of suboxone as I'm feeling pretty lousy right now, but if I'm through the worst, I don't want to take anymore. I want to be completely off every thing for good. Any advice would be much appreciated.