... have friends,and quite a fiew girlfriends throughout my life..then i got hooked on drugs pain meds..so now i am clean after 11 years.but now im stuck i dont know how to have relationships anymore..i have zero friends,an x wife,and no giirlfriend..sure i am clean but i thought after i got clean i would you know be able to have friends,girlfriends and everything..but no.i have no friends no girlfriends and no life,,and tellyou the truth i have no hobbies and not many interest... i still feel even though im clean i am lost,i do nothing i work for my dad 2 days a week the rest oif the time i barely leave the house usually to go to the dr or re[port for probation..im afraid i have big issues im just not interested in people,but on the otherside i am really lonely lately all i do is sleep.and i know some will say you need therapy.but all i can afford is the doc who keeps me off opiates with suboxone and treats depression.so if anyone has been here i really need some advice i have no life nothing and i dont know what to do,but i know i am miserable..and my family is concerned but i play it off like i like being alone all the time..(please help) i mean there is really no point for me to be alive