The first 3 were actually bearable. I bought and have been taking all the stuff for the Thomson detox (vit/min supplements etc.), I've managed to go to my gym and do stairclimber for 30mins and then sit in the steam room for a half hour each day. Last night in bed my legs had a mind of their own. All over the place and my left leg was so sore. My spinal surgery (laminectomy at L5/S1) was 5 months ago and I wanted to stop the pain meds before becoming addicted but I feel that clearing my body over the past three days has brought me to understand my baseline pain and the truth is I am still in uncomfortable pain from the operation (more so from the side effects... I had some pieces of disc break off and compressed the central nerve which did nerve damage down my left leg by the time they operated). Last night I kept my partner up all night and he was freaked out that my left leg was ice cold. It goes numb and hurts. So today I am wondering if I made it the past 3 days without percs, does that mean I can quit these when I want? And if so, maybe I stopped too soon and I should go back to using them now as I need them? The other pain meds I was prescribed just don't do the trick (tramadol, relafen and skelaxin). I have my klonopin to take for anxiety (which is very high). I'm so freaked out about addiction (which runs all through my family from drugs to alcohol) and I wonder if I am making my own excuses. Should I stick to working on alternatives to the percocet? Today my body feels like I am trying to walk through a vat of peanut butter. Sorry, my mind is all over the place. If my energy level matched the speed that my mind is going I could run a marathon. BTW I see my surgeon this week. Thanks for anyone's help, suggestions and/or recommendations.