... fed up with the vics and opiates, one day someone told me about Sub and I bought that instead. What a difference, it was great! The past year has truly been good for me. I've just had to buy them off of the streets. With my finances I was never able to have the lump sum of money needed to even begin the process of finding a doctor. Well just recently I moved, I had 2 subs and while I knew that wasnt enough, there wasnt much I could do. I told myself I would be done and just stick out the wds. That isnt going so well... I feel like crap and I keep thinking about how I could take a vicodin or two to make it all go away. I do not want that! I looked online and there are 2 sub doctor really close to where I am now but, what do I say? Ive been buying sub illegally for the past year and now I want to do it right? Someone told me once you have to be in opiate wd's for them to even consider giving you sub. I'm really scared and dont know what to do... but I do know I dont want that life again, its just too much. Any thoughts or advice would be really helpful, please