Ok guys I have been off of the tramadol 300 mg for 3 days now and going on 4th day.. and I have to say I am feeling a little more human..I have went cold turkey from lortabs and this is nothing like that..This is alittle easier..(only speaking for myself) with that said I am exeriencing the horrible rls. (restless leg syndrome) have to say it sucks..So if anyone knows when this will end and can add some advice for a what to do as a at home remedy I'm open for suggestions..And I was wondering will lyrica help with my leg pain? And atleast help me get some sleep? It's just something I have on hand..Just random thoughts, and will do just about anything to get this dang rls under control..Somebody ppppleasssseee help..Oh yeah still having the hot flash's and still feeling the anxity and still having the body restlessness..But not sneezing anymore..Lol!