so my anxiety/panic is on, ive got this intense fear that im having a heart attack, that im not beathing rite and all that other good stuff my mind tells me. i know its not my heart, ive done test after test over and over and everything has always been normal. so , what do i do now? i think i need to find a positive hobby, keeping my mind occupied on some kind of project or something. i know alot of us go thru this anxiety/panic wich then turns to depression. i really would rather not take a xanax cause im still tired from the one i took last nite, i am under more stress then normal so i know that plays a big part in it. and worse of all, i try to take my bp to make sure its in the normal range and this stupid wrist style cuff is soooo sooooo off. i dont know why i just dont dump it and a arm one. well mabe ill do that today. any one out there ever constantly think that they are having a heart attack or stroke, and why is that? leanne