I do this thru all 3 pills and I take them at 9:00 am-5:00pm and before bed. Its up and down all day and in between the same racing heart and anxiety kicks in. Feels like Im withdrawing a little. Havent had a chance to check Blood pressure but will do that before I call Dr. Top side of my left breats kind of throbs and headache unreal. Good thing no crying today but just as nervous as I would be in between pills. No wonder they call it short acting and boom its gone. Im going to have to find a combination to get me thru this until Im fully aware to feel like therapy or yoga or maybe both. I slept today for a while. I guess Im gonna need some more suggestions if there are any left. I might have to try a small amount of anti=d with a benzo or maybe a mood staibilizer would be good. Still going to give it another day or so. 5 days today. Thanks and God Bless! If you have any ideas please send them:)