Hi, i was recently written a script for oxycodone ER 10mg tabs (not OxyContin, my doctor made that very clear to me).

I took my script to the pharmacy and they told me "10mg ER oxycodones are no longer being made so we dont have any". Then the more baffling thing; they proceeded to say "but its not a problem, we'll just give you 10mg OxyCodones". What??? Ive always been under the impression that OxyContin is an extended release pill of the drug oxycodone. Is that correct? And if not what IS the difference?
I find it really weird that they discontinued oxycodone ER 10mg, has anyone else heard of this? Did they discontinue any of the other sizes of oxycodone or OxyContin?

Then heres where i get REALLY lost; when i got the bottle it read "oxycodone ER 10mg, generic for: OxyContin ER 10mg" What the heck! They just told me they didnt carry EXACTLY the thing they just gave me. Is there such thing as OxyContin that ISNT Extended release (or vis-versa?) And if there is such a thing wouldnt that just be an oxycodone tab??? Im so confused...

Anyone who gets this please explain, thank you!!