... but didn't work and Vyvanse only works for 5 to 8 hours. My doctor suggested I take Vyvanse around noon or so in order to get the help from it in the afternoon and early evening. I also take drug holidays on the weekends when I don't work which allows me to actually eat since during the week I eat mostly nothing. This has worked perfectly for 4 years.

The problem: A week and a half ago I called the doctors office for a refill and was told my doctor left the practice and went to work at an urgent care facility. I needed to come in and see another doctor first. Okay, simple enough. My appointment was this past monday. I go and in walks not a doctor but a nurse practitioner with a plastic cup. ??? I was told that I needed to pee in the cup for a drug screen, sixty bucks out of my pocket (I have no insurance and pay for all this myself by the way) and after the screen I can pick up the script. Fine.

Wednesday, certified letter. I failed the drug screen, no Vyvanse found in my urine. No Vyvanse for me, ever! Hmmmm... I took the test on monday at 2:30, I took my Vyvanse around 1:00. I didn't take it all weekend and I took my pill at noon the previous friday. I run over to the office, ask to speak to a real doctor and demand to take another test since I certainly have it in my system now. No dice! Not allowed to talk to a doctor, I'm only allowed to talk to a snarky office manager who explains how some people go to many doctors for drugs that they then sell. Also, no second test. They already had enough results from the one I took on monday. (I was also negative for everything else on the screen, I'm clean)

This is a large company with many offices. I'm still pissed and my medical records now show me as a drug dealer, IMO. I do not want to use these people again, ever, but I would very much enjoy educating these know-it-alls on how they don't know as much as they think about Vyvanse and the treatment of ADD. What should I do with this? How do I get rid of this in my medical records? How do I blast them with the proper information to wipe the smug smirk off of the face of office manager girl???