I went to bed with some gastrointestinal problems and solved them finally and my leg cramps got better. I did not take my pain meds at bedtime because I was feeling okay... just for information, I have 5 herniated discs (ya they found another one on the last MRI) and spinal stenosis, lumbar type. I went to bed and woke up around 6 AM screaming. My legs and lower back were in complete cramps... I took a double dose of pain meds, I know (bad girl) I will have to call my doctor, and my break through medication, and also two methocarbonal. This is barely working. The leg cramps start to get better when I stand, but this time they get worse when I sit or lay down... what the heck is going on? If the pain comes back that bad again I will have to go to the ER..and we all know how helpful they can be. I am wondering, is it possible to have a twisted intestine or some other weird thing that can cause pain that seems like it is a disc but not herniated disc? I did not lift anything or do anything out of the ordinary... I have never, ever been in pain like that. I have no words for it. It was outrageous and my husband got mad at me because I woke him up because I was screaming in the pain... now everything is all messed up. If anyone knows why this sudden cramping that starts in the lower back at L5 or there about, cramps through the butt ox muscles and then down one leg worse than the other but both legs severely affected please tell me. Also, please tell me what you would do if this happened to you... help! thank you so much Amanda!