I have been prescribed 100mg of Topamax and I am beginning to feel concerned. I have been on Topamax for 5 years now, and as the dosage increases the worse the side effects become. Positive note, the medication really does control my migraines. Prior to Topamax, I'd have three severe migraine days a week that left me completely debilitated, and at 18 headed to college I had to find relief.

The first year I went from 180 down to 150 in three months without any change in diet or exercise habits. My mood wasn't truly affected and the other side effects were so minor compared to the pain of having a migraine.
Now at 23, I have been prescribed 100mg of Topamax and I'm worried this ride will be coming to an end soon, and I'll be left with no resolution to migraine pain.

I have been taking the 100mg for three weeks. I feel irritable, unfocused, and that isn't who I am typically. Is there anything I can do or take with Topamax to improve this side effect? I have tried almost every natural, prescription, and lifestyle remedies possibly, only Topamax seems to help.
Is this a temporary feeling due to the dosage, or will this continue if I stay on topamax?