Hey everybody I've been feeling a little better lately days are still rough after going through a ordeal with my doctor where he wanted to add amitriptyline to my citalopram instead of increasing my dose. I tried the amitriptyline didnt work out well i phoned him and he said double up on your citalopram then see you in a month. So I'm seeing a new doctor in 6 days but I've been hesitant to increase to 20 so sticking with 15 until i see them I've also been taking magnesium supplements because I've read they can help and .25 klonopin in the morning as well as seeing a CBT. Haven't really experienced any note worthy side effects except insomnia to an extent but i found (and please dont judge me too harshly) that if i smoke a little marijuana before i go to sleep i can actually sleep and stay asleep until 7 the next morning. In the mornings im still loosing my mind because of anxiety then i take .25 klonopin lay in bed for an hour and usually search the web for support until my nephew gets out of school then i just play with him for the rest of the day. How long after increasing the dose should i be able to stop the klonopin? When i first started citalopram a year ago i would take 1mg of ativan 2x a day until i went down to 1mg once a day then .5 ect. Since im just raising the dose will it start working sooner? Any advice would help because im loosing my mind lol.