... different scripts now. Just wondering if anyone has been prescribed gabapentin and then felt like they were speeding?
Here is my background and experience with trigeminal neuralgia(still don't know if that is my diagnoses) and meds. Severe Intermittent left facial pain localizing in my both upper and lower jaws, gums, and teeth for the last 5 yrs. It was a sharp steady pain that would stay for days and then disappear for a month or two. Thought it was toothache so we played the guessing game to find the problem and had 4 teeth pulled over the 5 yr span but the same pain came back every time. 4 days ago I had the most extreme "attack" to date. The pain was so severe and off the charts. I gave It a 20 on the 1-10 chart. It felt like someone was stabbing me in the face over and over again. It spread from my jaw area to the entire left side of my face, my ear, my neck and the back of my head. But only on the left side like there is an invisible cut off line going down the middle of my face. I would have calm dull pain in my jaw area and then would have the "attacks" in waves every ten mins or so and the attacks would last any where between 30secs to 10 mins to an hour.
Went to urgent care and they referred me to a neurologist who ordered the MRI. I've been prescribed hydrocodone, prednisone, & gabapentin 300mg 3×day. I've learned the hard way not to take all 3 different meds at same as it made me vomit. When I started the slow increase of gabapentin it made me very tired. It's been 3 days on it and I'm at a full dose. I take them with every meal and after I took it at dinner today I feel like I am speeding. I literally feel like I'm running around the house like a crazy person that can't stop and my house has never been so clean. It is now 2am and I'm still going. I have checked the side effects of gabapentin and it only listed hyper activity in children. Am I having an unusual side affect or what? Do I need to be concerned? I don't mind it, the pain is gone and I like the energy... I just wish I didn't take it so close to bed time. I have noticed that I get very drowsy when I look at a computer screen or phone for a long period of time. My eyes start crossing and they won't stay open but as soon as u step away from it I go right back to speedy me again.

Any comments that have experience with this drug or diagnoses would be appreciated. Also would like to know what cause the diagnoses for everyone and what my chances are of it being nothing or something on my MRI results.
Thanks, MommaKay