I had unprotected sex on December 28th, 2015 using the pull out method. It was a spur of the moment thing so I didn't think to use a condom. I took Plan-B One Step about an hour later. About 5-7 days later I experienced bleeding that lasted around 4/5 days. It started out very light then got heavier as time progressed. My originally scheduled period was supposed to come on the 16th of January, but it did not. I figured this was because of Plan B so I waited a few more days. On January 21st, my jeans felt moist so I went to the bathroom and sure enough there was blood. About an hour after that I had a really painful cramp which is not normal for me because I have never cramped before. The bleeding lasted around 4-5 days. My only concern is that I am worried I could still be pregnant. I researched if it was possible to experience bleeding and still be pregnant and apparently a lot of woman experience bleeding a few months into pregnancy. I am just extremely nervous because I am only 18 and I am in no way ready to support a child.