I'm 19, female and was admitted into hospital after going to the doctors and finding redish, purple spots all over my shins and lower legs spreading upwards slowly and not as severe as my lower legs, I had blood taken which they then told me I had a low platelet count of 10'000, the doctors persistently asked if I felt ill or if I'd been feeling ill and looked confused when I said no, I only feel sick now and again when standing too long or walking too much, they told me take half a dosage of steroids for the night. The next day I was told to go to the Oncology part where they sat me with chemo patients and drew more blood to do more tests, after the tests the doctor did an examination of my body feeling for what I assume was lumps? Didn't say much and he was filling in my folder which had oncology written accross it, he handed me some pieces of paper one which was a blood transfusion form but he didn't say anything about it just told me to give it to the nurse for my next appointment a couple of days later and gave me a prescription for more steroid tablets and told me not to go into work and to avoid anything that may make me bruise/bleed. For now he's diagnosed it as ITP but still seems a little confused himself and has ordered several more tests for my next appointment assuming he's trying to cancel out everything before he does a bone marrow biopsy to check for leukemia? I'm inpatient and want a second opinion on what everyone thinks it might be. Thank you!