Me and my gf had protected sex on the 6th day of her period. The first time was fine and the condom didn't break. The second time an hour later the condom broke and I finished in her. She put in a tampon quickly to pick up as much as she could and pulled it back out. I right away bought Plan B and she took it 5 hours later. The past week she has been feeling pain in her stomach right under her bra ("stabbing feeling"). It was the worst on day 3 and slowly calming down (day 10 now). I am worried because the website said the side effects should wear off by the 5th and they are still bothering her. I tried doing some research and it said that plan b releases synthetic hormones to trick your body into thinking that it is pregnant. So I assumed the pain was just from her body adjusting to the hormone. I just want to know why she has this stomach pain and what are the odds of her being pregnant? Please help I am getting very worried.