... As I have been very sleep deprived nursing my babies on demand all night I thought my fatigue was related to parenting. Now that my kids are a bit older and sleeping (mostly) I am noticing some very troubling side effects (??) such as extreme fatigue that lasts all day even after 7 hours of sleep. I wake up from 1AM to 4PM a few nights a week, This seems to happen despite feeling well for long periods of time. I take the Esciyalopram in the evening and the Bupropion in the morning, perhaps I should take them at another time? I have needed very strong reading glasses (i'm only 34) since I started taking this combination, this was never a problem in the past. I have NO libido, this is obviously very upsetting for both me and my husband. I also have neck and shoulder tension that never seems to subside. Could these symptoms indicate that I am still depressed or that I should perhaps reduce medication? I no longer see a specialist as I have been feeling emotionally well for over a year. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks!