I had my birth control replaced about a week before the 1st one expired. Rhe first time around for the first year I had my period every three months for about a week and a half each time. After the first year evrything went back to normal pretty quickly. I had no mood swing or major side effects which is what made me want to get the same on again. This time I had it put in July 20th (old taken out and new put right in) and had my first period about 2 weeks after having it put in again. About a month later I started to get major mood swings. No bloating or randoms cramps. Now I spot when I pee, which is now way more frequent than normal, and after sex (unprotected). It will only last for a day or so then be gone. I'm now having random cramps where one will hit and almost bring me to my knees hurt then I won't have another one for a few days and it hits again. I'm getting overly emotional with no reason. Has anyone else had this happen after having it replaced?