So I started my birth control about a month ago (not quite only off by a few days.) I started my BC on my 2nd day of my period. That was a Wednesday. The Sunday before that I had unprotected sex and took a plan B the next day (Monday). So everything was fine, I had a normal period (5-6 days) while still using my birth control. After about a week and a half of consistently using my birth control the right way I was experiencing what i assume was spotting. It was only for about 3 days. It was light spotting and I figured it was my body adjusting to my BC. Another week goes by and no problems. However on my 3rd week of taking my BC pills I started what I think is my period. It felt like a period. (Cramps, etc.) however not to light, not to heavy. It's been about a 6 days and I'm still bleeding. I notice I never truly start "bleeding" until the afternoon. Which is around the time I take my daily BC. Should I be concerned? I need answers. As well as I just took my very last pill for the month. My pack came with no "off day pills". So I don't know if I should continue onto the second pack like normal or wait the "7 days" for my "off days". I only started experiencing this when I started my birth control pills. Which keep in mind it's only been a month. Please let me know. I'm quite concerned.