This spring I saw dermatologist about rosceacea on my eyelids. I was prescribed Desonide clear ointment. She did say it can cause cataracts in some people be careful. Well, unfortunately it did get in my eyes on several occasions. I did feel a pressure on my eyes. So I quite using it. In May of this year I was diagnosed with Optic neuritis but doc was kind of unsure but said there was optic nerve swelling and then this summer followed up with local neuro opthamologist and was told that at 48 I have a cataract! So I am just checking to see if these might be side effects of the ointment getting in my eyes. I am interested in informing the Ophthalmologists I saw because I did mention to the first Doc and he was very dismissive. Doctors REALLY need to have more training in Pharmacology! Thank you!!!