... have no idea how I got herpes in my eye the past year has been very hard this infection has lasted a year n caused extreme pain and loss of sight in my right eye they can't do a transplant till the infection clears up I've been on meds daily and have had them change my meds or the dosage of my meds they won't let me work no more or drive I stay in my room where it is dark the majority of my time with narcotics I can go outside for a Lil bit wearing sunglasses but I still experience tolerable pain it's started going deeper in my head and I've noticed I'm mad or frustrated a lot the doctors said my body has quit fighting I'm still taking acyclovir everyday praying something helps my husband n kids have been so understanding but I know it's hard for them to see me in such pain n sometimes I think they don't understand it because they've never had this amount of pain I'm hoping talkin to yall will help cause yall understand the pain n how seriously scared I am from this I've never had an infection last so long a few weeks to a month yes but a year no