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Why is octenidine not approved as an antiseptic in the US?

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kaismama 23 May 2012

It could be because there is an impurity in it that is carcinogenic.

mschuess 23 May 2012

Many thanks for this feedback!! I really did not know - I am surprised to hear that. The substance is very well-known and available in a series of products in some countries in Europe !!!

kaismama 23 May 2012

The FDA can be very strict when there is the slightest chance of being carcinogenic. We have alot of antiseptics that probably would act the same as this one.

mschuess 23 May 2012

Do you mean I can use another one which has the same effects?

On another note, I also found a US manufacturer producing it (Dishman)... probably for export??

kaismama 23 May 2012

I never heard of them, I didn't know we had any manufactureres in this country anymore, lolol. What do you need it for? Maybe I can help you find something. free discount card

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