I've been on Risperdal 3mg twice a day for the past month and a half, with a brief interruption last week when I was taking 4.5mg twice a day. Once, when I was on 3mg, I drank a Coors Light for dinner one night. The next day, I was on a train in Canada and had the impression that everyone on the train was staring at me, even though I could cognitively understand that they weren't. I took a Risperdal early, which didn't seem to help. I feel that the episode was triggered by nervousness, as I was somewhat self-conscious about being an American in Canada.

I had no more episodes of this sort on the 3mg, but when I got on the 4.5mg, I had "impressions" that people were staring at me several times over the course of the week. It was an uncomfortable, frightened feeling, accompanied by, for example, a Facebook picture of my ex looking into the camera and a memory of her getting angry at me. I'd also feel a compulsive need to look at my own eyes in the mirror, and sometimes my eyes would even lock in place, gazed upward.

Has anyone experienced these kinds of symptoms before that can explain them to me? Were the alcohol/increased dose to blame for the paranoia?