Hi everyone,

I need a bit of advice. My father has severe OCD and has had it for years - he refuses treatment after psychology not helping him ( after that he didn't want to do any other treatment) so now approximantly 10 years later he has progressively gotten worse.

I have been constantly yelled at when things aren't exactly right - for example my father doesn't like cups being on the left hand side of the sink and would yell at me until I didn't put anything on the left side. He also hates dirt and is constantly washing his hands or if something touched the floor he would have to wash it for over an hour or throw it away.

I am very concerned his OCD has been passed onto me. I am worried because recently I have started having thoughts like... if I put this on the table it will be dirty or I have to put the cup on the left side of the sink. I feel I have had to challenge my thoughts.

I am so worried I am turning into my father and need an explanation why I am having these thoughts and what I should do. Ontop of all of this I am going through a chronic Pelvic pain condition which has been going on for 3 years. They have finally found the cause and I am now being treated appropriately but the stress of my medical condition ontop of the ocd stress doesn't help.

Please I need some advice.