... I take a combination of the SRI and antipsychotic because standard SRI alone does not work for me without the antipsychotic added. The treatment works well for me mentally. My problem is that I cannot tolerate the amisulpride physically. It makes me extremely fatigued to where I could sleep upwards of 14 hours a day and when I am awake I feel exceptionally tired and it's a struggle to maintain normal functioning like working or even washing because of the excess fatigue. If I take the venlafaxine alone the tiredness goes away completely and I suffer no side effects but my mental wellbeing goes rapidly downhill off the amisulpride. The question I want to ask is if anyone could recommend an alternative antipsychotic to the amisulpride or some other treatment which would rid me of this side effect of extreme tiredness. Considering I only take a small dose of amisulpride, if I changed to another antipsychotic as an adjunct to the venlafaxine, what does of it would be best to take? Or could I add something like Modafinil to my meds to counteract the tiredness. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks