Hi! I am a fifteen year old female experiencing strange periods. My last period happened on August 1 and ended August 5. I have not experienced a period since then and its mid October. I began spotting around the 20th of September and I have not stopped spotting. It started off kind of light, like my period would start soon. I assumed this was normal, but it wont stop. It goes like this: light spotting then disappears for maybe a day, then It comes back a bit heavier and I almost think I've started ny period, then it spots lightly again. This happened to me once before too. It was maybe a year or so after my first period and I read somewhere that it was normal, because my body was still getting used to everything. But this has happened for 3 months in a row. I had my first period when I was twelve (3 months before I turned 13). I have never been to a gynecologist, and I honestly don't plan on doing so until later in life. Maybe when I am 20 ir pregnant. Does anyone know what this could be? P.S. I am not, nor have I ever been sexually active, I only use pads and liners. I have tried Tracking my period but it never makes any sense, because each cycle changes dramatically. Even all the apps I use are inaccurate, considering they can't even understand my cycle. Please offer as much help as you can without telling me to see a gyno.