... gained weight back. I definately do take blame for that. I am 43 yr old and since February 2016 I was put on topamax ( prescribed by a clinician/counselor) Iwhich was started very slowly and I am now on a dose of 200 mg in the am and 200 mg at night pm which I have been on this dose for at least 5 months now and she also put me on concerta er 18 mg started ( this med was started in April 2016) at this dose then gradually increased the dose to 72 mg in the morning. So the doc put me on these melds to help with weight loss . The problem is I have only lost about 5 lbs. the topamax did stop me from eating snack things like gummy snacks granola bars etc that I didn't even want but we're there because I have kids so I would randomly would just grab a few packs at a time . The Meds do decrease my appetite and I also move around about 3-5 miles daily per my Fitbit . I am really disappointed
I went to see my endocrinologist last week and she said she would write a script for phentermine if I want but did not think it would work for me since the concerta did not and that is a stimulant .
Has anyone ever been put on concerta , adder all Ritalin for weight loss and it did not work then tried phentermine and it did ?
I know Meds are not a long term solution to weight loss just looking for a jump start