I went for a pap smear after 5 years and reported to my ob-gyn that my family doctor had told me that I was post-menopausal. He had done two FSH/LH (?) tests at a year's interval and pronounced me post-menopausal. I had a diminished number of periods over the course of one year and then no period for a full year. At no time did I experience any "strange" bleeding, except in its gradual cessation, nor did I have night sweats, or much in the way of hot flashes. Though I did have a few moments of sudden warmth, they were not debilitating. I occasionally have a few moments when I feel warm-but not uncomfortable-before bed, but none like the real horror stories I have heard about. I have a paternal aunt who has told me that both she and her sister had their last period at about age 42. Neither of them experienced any debilitating pain or bleeding, etc. I was diagnosed with diabetes type 2 in May 2010 at 48 y.o. My periods began to diminish in January 2011. I believe that a medication I was given to treat the diabetes (Actos) caused me to gain an enormous amount of weight between 2010 and November 2013. I asked my doctor to put me on something else almost from the start of taking the Actos. He insisted it was the best for me and kept my blood sugar in control. Finally, this past November, I just stopped taking the Actos. I could not abide it any longer. I continued to have regular mammograms during the time that I did not see my ob-gyn. I have had a great deal of stress caring for an ailing parent on and off since 2008, in addition to other family stressors--teenagers, job loss, major household move. I was not really cognizant that it had been five years since my last pap smear. That's how hectic life has been! I just want to better understand WHY my ob-gyn would prescribe the 10-day Provera treatment when I believe that I am in the right age range and have experienced a reasonable transition from very regular periods to none at all. (I did begin a heavy--for me--bright red flow within 3 days of taking the progesterone. My ovaries felt like they were being forced open and into business--very painful--when they were perfectly happy to have closed up shop.) WHAT IS SHE (OB-GYN) LOOKING FOR?