acute withdrawals, shakes, cold sweats tremedously, etc. I was told that if I were switched to subutex, due to the abscense of naloxone which is in suboxone, I would have no acute withdrawal, but now I am scared because after reading a few comments above, a few reported a day and a half of cold sweats and other withdrawals too, If there is no naloxone how could the subutex initiate withdrawal symptoms, I just don't want subutex to have any of the treacherous side effects that I experienced on suboxone from supposedly that horrifice naloxone ingrediant, please someone assure me the subutex, gives me none of suboxone side effects bcuz I'm ready to just give up and go back on methadone which i got off of in 2004 after my ex-fiance' overdosed from stealing my methadone wafers and he had never used opiates. Help?