I was given 2 medication for sores in my mouth. One is Triamcin/ORA, which says it is a steroid medication. It also says in the leaflet of instructions that it should not be used if you have a fungus/fungal infection anywhere in your body.

The second medication is called Marions Mouthwash. A special ordered mixture of medication of nystatin, dicyclomine, Benadryl and hydrocortisone. Nystatin is an anti fungal medication. My ENT says the sores in my mouth are NOT Yeast or Thrush, but may have been caused by Diflucan tablet, which I was given about 2 weeks ago, just after taking it, getting the sore mouth.

Knowing this, about the Diflucan and that I should not take the Steroid if I have a Fungal infection, why would the Pharmacy give me those 2 medications together?? The Pharmacist says it is what the doctor ordered. When my doctor explained what he was giving me, he said the Steroid, yes, but he said I would be getting mouthwash containing, Lidocaine, Maalox and Benadryl. Calling another Pharmacy, I was told that the Maalox mixture was called Magic Mouthwash, not Marions Mouthwash.

I called my ENT doctors office, and was told by the on call doctor that it is okay to take those 2 medications together. I called my family doctor and was told to not take either until speaking with the doctor that ordered it, because it is possible that the Pharmacy misread the name of the Mouthwash to prepare. I have Major Health issues, Chronic Kidney Disease, Stage 3 high, having only One Solitary "Partial" Kidney. Several feet of Lower intestines removed. NO Thyroid at all. Amongst other issues, therefore I must be extremely careful with all medications. My allergy list is long, starting with yellow dye and medications that put me into Acute Renal Failure.

So what I am basically asking is, has anyone else ever been given these 2 medications at the same time, with or without having a fungus infection?