I have approximately 60-100+ white scale bumps starting from my ankles to 3/4 up my thigh area front & back. 3-4 scales in each bump. The inside of each inner thigh has tiny white scaley bumps covered EVERYWHERE!!! Went to my family doctor today. Dr.'s nurse said she thought it was most definitely excema. When doc. came in, he took a small glass and used a sharp knife and scrapped the largest one(4 scales) on side of my knee and will do a biopsy. Doc. asked me numerous times if these scalley bumps itched and I told him no except sometimes and I would lighly rub. I shave very carefully and in back of middle thigh, I shaved a scale off and it bled but very little. Doc. prescribed above mentioned cream to be applied on both legs twice a day. He said it was not excema and had never seen anything like this in all the years of his practice. He said we've had a very long winter and he feels it's nothing to be conerned about. He asked if I shower or bathe and I told him mostly shower but an occasional long hot bath. He asked if I not bathe except every 3rd day and continue using the cream twice a day. I've been going to him since I could walk and I'm now 50. He's smart and practical. My question is this cream going to heal this? Please advise. Thank you so very very much!!! Cindy Childress