Questions: $ help with Nuvigil. Methylphenidate..might that work? Have self diagnosed ADD so could work for both!
Except for this... Awhile back decided to try an older script for M. I had never taken..can't remember why hadn't taken. Loved it... went to sleep Dr for new script. Had filled only to find it didn't work nearly as well AND LEFT ME WITH
TERRIFIC MUSCLE LEG & BACK PAIN. At some point remembered not all generics are alike... the good one says Geneva... not good says SAN. Think I researched & others had problems too w/SAN. Was then scared to try for good one as it took months for pain to subside..thankfully it did all go away.
Noticed some take Adderall... have never tried but would be good for both sleep & add maybe. Also haven't checked pricing for doughnut hole... would they be less than Nuvugil? Any thoughts out there?