So I was on adderall for a long time fighting for approval for nuvigil. Finally got it and it was a miracle! Seriously. I wrecked two cars and was still falling asleep on 20mg adderall.
New insurance, new hoops to jump through. Got it approved- but only after I hit my deductible which will take 4 months. The debt is worth it with my commute especially. My question is, second go around, coming off the adderall - is not magic anymore. Before it was like I finally felt like a normal human! Now I'm getting the side effects people mention... Faster heartbeat, anxiety, stomach upset. Anyone have experience switching back and forth? Will these side effects go away once my poor body gets used to the quick turnaround? I had to go back to adderall for a week while I fought insurance.
Also, I've gotten off my anti depressants since nuvigil. I'm wondering if narcolepsy is a brain chemical problem that effects other brain chemicals. I haven't felt like I've needed them. I just feel better. Not like I hate the world so much. I've never had that before, even on my favorite (wellbutrin).
Thoughts? Comments?