I am 22 years old and was looking for a birth control method that wouldn't cause any weight gain or mood swings, so I went with the Copper IUD (Paragard). I had it put in February and loved it at first! After about 6 months I started feeling a weird cramping on my right side near my ovary. I thought maybe it got bumped out of place during sex, but when I went to the gyno and had an ultra sound they said everything was in place and working fine. I never felt it those first 6 months but now I constantly feel like something is there. I also feel like I have slightly lost my sex drive. Has anyone else experienced similar situations with the Paragard? Not to mention I've had some stomach issues (such as constant bowel movements) which seem to have started after my IUD insertion.

I've considered having it removed and just sticking to condoms, but we all know it's much more enjoyable without them. Anyone have any suggestions for protection that don't come with weight gain or mood swings? I thought a lot about the Nuva Ring. Anyone have good or bad reviews about it?

Please let me know your opinons and thanks for helping :)