So I have been on the pill for about a year but I always had a hard time remembering to take it so I switched to the nuvaring last month, my placebo pills started on the 12th when I got my period and went until the 19th of March, that was the last of pills I had and I didn't get the nuvaring until March 26th.
Me and my husband had unprotected sex during that time I was not protected.
And well my period with the pill normally would've come again on april 9th but I figured since I had to have the nuvaring in until april 16th it'd be delayed but the thing is these past couple weeks I've been so moody like unusually moody, my chest have been hurting none stop and feeling semi fuller, I've been getting frequent headaches, recently I have to pee a bunch, and I feel like I have just a bunch of hot flashes! Like I will just be dying of heat and my husband is cold. On top of that all I want to do is sleep.
And it's been 2 days with since I took out the nuva ring and I have no period but a lot of white milky a lot more then normal.
I'm just wondering if these could just be symptoms of the nuvaring? Or should I take a pregnancy test if my period doesn't come by the time I'm supposed to put the new nuvaring in?