Well. I'm a sensible person. I don't want to get pregnant from stupid mistakes. I read the instructions and realised, that ai can't find an answer to my problem.
So I have a question.

I was wearing Nuvaring for almost to weeks for the first time. Had sex for the first time, with my beloved one, who's also a virgin, so no STD's here. Okay. Then I had honeymoon cystitis, because sometimes life is unpredictable. It was painfull, but also funny, because I felt like in a comedie because of the absurd of the situation. Anyhow. I had to take my Nuvaring out due to the fact, that my bladder was on fire (ofc, not literally). It was Sunday evening. I had to takei it out Monday evening the following week. I cured my God damned cystitis, had my period (so no pregnancy, hooray!) and then bought a new Nuvaring ring. And I inserted the new Nuvaring ring on Friday evening. Okay.
Now to clear things out.
2 weeks on, 5 days off (period started on 2nd day off, inserted the new Nuvaring ring on the 4th day of period).
When will I be protected? After 7 days, of wearing the Nuvaring, yes?