So. Months 1-3 were your typical experience with birth control for the first time, spotting about a week before your "period" etc. Month 4 I decided to try the "skip period" method and it had horrible results. I spotted from the day after I put the new ring in, until the day I changed it (21 days later). And even worse, around a week before I was supposed to change it, I got horrible cramps and then a rush of blood for an hour, most times filling up a super plus tampon and then dripping onto a pad (which good thing I learned to wear one after the first time it happened. Month 5, not horrible... no bleeding at all. Month 6 is where we are now. Same result as month 4, spotting since I put the new ring in, but no cramps... but! Still having the random heavy bleeding. This time, it's not for an hour and only fills up a super tampon after 4 hours. I'm about to change it for month 6 and I'm terrified this won't stop the bleeding. I've been bleeding for 23 days... not heavy but, enough that I have to wear a tampon daily. Anyone else have this experience and if so, what happened.