... schedule in all of that time, maybe once or twice I put it in a day or two late or something. But I just realized that I've really screwed it up this month. So today is the day I'm supposed to take it out, so I tell my boyfriend, "oh, we better have sex cuz I'm gonna start my period soon!" So we do... And he doesn't pull out like he normally does. Then I go in the bathroom to take it out to find that it's not there! Sh**! Where did it go?! So I realize, I must have forgotten to put it in this month. There is no way I would have lost it without noticing. So, I've been without it for 4 weeks now. I'm supposed to start my period within the next day or two. I'm thinking I should probably get a morning after pill tomorrow. How likely is it that I could be pregnant? I know this is probably a stupid question