I had my iud copper removed at the clinic on April 1st because the strings were poking my husband badly. I then insert my new nuvaring on that day in the night. On april 3rd in the night, I took out my nuvaring out while having sex with my husband becuase it was bothering him. I was planning to put it back in an hour later. This was a day before my daughters big 3rd birthday party. So the next day i was super busy preparing and cooking everything for her party. At 1pm, when I finished and went to the room to get myself ready, I notice I forgot to insert back my ring in last night. Me and my husband just felled asleep a second after sex that night. It was a stressful week. I insert it back in right after i noticed. Today is April 15 and im feeling sleepy, tired, weak, and sensitive all day. It might be the symptoms of the hormones of the nuvaring. So, my question is, is there any chance i can be pregnant?