I am 18 and have been on BC (the pill for 8 months now). no kids and have never been pregnant. However, I have noticed that with the pill my skin is insanely dry and flaky, my periods are irregular and painful, during sex there is a pain in my lower abdomen that wasn't there before in certain positions, and after sex when my boyfriends ejaculates inside of me there is a strong and lingering burning sensation that is so intense I have to hold an ice pack to my vagina. I have discharge (dark brown) almost the entire month, the side effects are endless. Sorry to be so detailed but could anyone recommend other forms of BC, or let me know if Nuvaring is a good fit for me? also, with the pill I am a busy body so I do take the pills irregularly (sometimes 2 or 3 hours late) and I get horrible nausea and headaches because of all the hormones invading my body. I have also been considering an IUD as well as the shot. any comments or suggestions?