I started the nuvaring a week from today on the first day of my period. At first, it totally stopped the bleeding, but I was having some of the most intense cramps of my life. By the weekend I was having a full period, but it should have ended by now. Now it is a week later and I'm bleeding heavily, and having debilitating cramps. They come and go, but occasionally they linger. I have been having extreme lower abdominal pain that has been lasting for extended periods of time. The pain will go from feeling like an intense cramp to feeling like I need to go to the hospital. I have been using tampons with it because of my period. Should I be using pads instead? I also have had other symptoms like feeling extremely nauseous and losing my desire for food. I haven't been able to eat all week. I only eat about once a day and I have to force it down and it doesn't taste good to me, pretty much no matter what I eat. I try to eat small things like fruit and stuff during the day but even that is difficult. I have been on an emotional roller coaster since starting and I've been having more headaches than usual. Has anyone ever had similar symptoms in the first week? I took a pregnancy test before starting and it was negative, but now I'm wondering if I should test again. I just really want to know if this is normal and if I should just suck it up and try to make it through the first few months.