I'll try to explain so it makes sense.

I wanted to skip my period July long weekend, so I didn't take a week break for my period. Did the same thing 3 weeks later as I was on holiday and again didn't want to deal with my period.

Now, it's been basically 2 months of continuous use, and the last couple days I felt mild cramping and can tell my body wants to have a period and shed the lining that's been building up.

I was supposed to take it out on Thursday (August 11), but I'm going on holiday and want to swim and stuff without worry, that weekend (11th to 16th), so I figured I'd take it out early (last night on the 7th) so I could hopefully get my period this week before I leave.

We had unprotected sex earlier in the day yesterday (Mid afternoon. Took ring out close to midnight). He did cum inside me.

Am I protected? Is this OK?