... in. About 1 or twice a year, I start bleeding while the ring is in. I take it out, leave it out for a week, then put a new one in a stack again. I never choose to have a period. I only take it out when breakthrough bleeding happens. If I have no breakthrough bleeding, I don't take it out except to change to a new one. this has worked fine, having a period once or twice a year. This year, though, I have had several instances of breakthrough bleeding, and the most recent is that I had break through bleeding 2 times in february, and have been bleeding for 2 weeks now, even though I put a new ring in after 1 week of bleeding. This same pattern has happened to me on every birth control method I've tried, where it works great for a year or two, then it all goes to h e double hockeysticks. I do have 2 fairly small uterine fibroids that cause me intense pain all the time and have wrecked havoc with my periods.

Have I finally come to the end of being able to use the ring? Will this bleeding stop if I take out the ring? Will I start to bleed when I put it back in?

I have no insurance and no doctor right now