... vacation each time. I took it out May 3, and resinserted May 6 ( i dont know why i did this) i did have my P at the time. I took it out May 19 as I had a baldder infection and I never put one back in till May 29. I did not get a P on the 19th when i took it out. I took out the one that I had put in May 29, on June 7 - and still have not had my P. What are the chances that I could have gotten pregnant in that time of not having it in, as well as when I put it in may 29 - I had sex immediately. I am broke up with him now sadly, his loss. But i want to figure this out, I am very impatient. Pregnancy tests are saying negative, but really, it is to early I am sure. How soon will they read positive ? I messed my cycle up by removing and inserting new rings at odd times