Thanks in advance for your help. I've been on the Nuva Ring for a little over a month. The first cycle I was on it, I took it out on Wednesday instead of the Sunday coming up because I was experiencing some health issues and the doctors in the ER told me to take it out just in case it was causing any problems, which it wasn't. I got my period that Saturday and I put the ring in on Sunday, because I read somewhere that it is the most reliable when you put the ring in right when your cycle starts.

I am a virgin, so I know it doesn't matter when I put the ring in. However, my boyfriend and I were planning on having sex this weekend and I was wondering if I would still be covered because I didn't go a whole week after taking it out. I took it out Wednesday and put it back in on Sunday without any break. I called my nurse at my OBGYN but she wasn't clear as to whether I would be covered. Do any of you guys know?