I was prescribed nuva ring about 2 weeks ago and was told not to put it in until the first day of my period. This week is my period week, and preceding that I had all the usual symptoms that I usually get (I follow a very exact pattern: I break out a certain day before, I start crying for no reason on a set of days, I get cramps the day before). I normally get my period like afternoon Monday but since they told me the first day I put it in in the morning. And now I don't have my period and I'm freaking out a bit. I had been bad about taking the pill before, and had like a condom spill a bit when it was being removed near my vagina (not actually in or really on but like in the vicinity). That was the only time I've had sex and it was during my last period. I immediately took 2 birth controls after cause I know that functions like plan B. It's only been a day or two late but what are the chances of me being pregnant? I was sure I was about to get my period yesterday due to my usual hormonal pattern, but now I'm freaking out!